I’m Natalie Clay and I want to give you tips and tools for a happier life together.

Every marriage relationship—whether peaceful or stressed—can become better and more fulfilling. But the problems often seem so complicated it’s hard to know how to begin. That’s where Marriage Lab comes in!

In Marriage Lab—using a practical and powerful coaching methodology—I’ll break down complex problems to expose the simple and straightforward issues at the core. And teach you how to effectively solve them!

Marriage Lab: Weekly Coaching to Enliven Your Relationship


Increase Connection

Tired of feeling like roommates? A lack of connection is one of the most common complaints I hear from couples. In Marriage Lab, you'll learn how to connect in a new, more authentic way.


Communicate Better

On the best days, communication can be hard. It’s so much harder when we’re feeling defensive! Successful communication demands openness and respect. Don’t think you can get there? Marriage Lab will provide you a simple framework for success.


Change the marriage experience without changing each other.

Let’s be honest. Your way of doing things IS better than your spouse’s. Surely, once they understood the error of their ways, they changed right away. They didn't? Oh, right, they never do. And that's okay! There is a way to get your way in your marriage without your spouse being onboard at all. You’re going to love this.


Tick-tock, Tick-tock

Most couples have at least one subject they try to ignore, one that goes away for a while, but each person knows the clock is ticking until it comes back and explodes all over the place in a huge argument. Believe it or not, that subject doesn’t have to have any of the power it does now. Whatever it is, it isn't a big deal—when you know what to do about it.

Marriage Lab includes:

  • A weekly one-hour Zoom call that you can either attend live or access the recording.
  • A convenient schedule to sign up to be coached by me.
  • The ability to pose sensitive questions anonymously for me to address.
  • The opportunity to learn from other couples going through the coaching process.
  • A write-in Q&A for your questions.


Improve your marriage. It's easier than you think.

Get full access to Marriage Lab for $89 a month.

Meet Natalie.

Natalie Clay is a certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. She specializes in coaching couples and has helped hundreds of people find deeper connection and enjoyment in their marriage relationship.

After working in New York for 15 years, Natalie moved to Salt Lake City where she lives with her husband and five kids. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and understands the weight of the decisions that people make regarding marriage.

Natalie cares deeply for the people she works with and strives to help them find peace and clarity in the decisions they wish to make.